Children's Bible Lessons - Old Testament
With Miss Jane and Elsie

Beginning Of The World The First Home Result Of Sin The Flood
Abram Abraham Lot Lot
Isaac & Rebecca Who Jesus Is Jacob & Leah & Rachel
Jacob Goes Home Joseph Interprets Dream Joseph Meets His Brothers Joseph Saves His Family
Baby Moses Found Plaques of Egypt Israel Leaves Egypt God Takes Care Of Israel
Moses Receives Ten Commandments Joshua Leads Israel Aikin's Sin & Ai Sun & Moon Stand Still
Judges Part 1 Judges Part 2 Judges Part 3 Judges Part 4
Judges Part 5 Ruth Samuel and Eli Eli and Sons
Samuel and King Saul King Saul Disobeys God King Saul & Amalikites David Chosen As King
David & Goliath Daniel Interprets Kings Dreams Shadrach Meshach Abednego Daniel and Lions
Mordecai and Haman Esther and Haman Jonah