The target age is 3 to 7 year olds. However, any age can learn something from the lessons. Eventually there will be 104 lessons, 10-15 minutes each. The lessons are designed to aid parents in teaching children biblical principles.

Each lesson contains a biblical account, talking points, children age songs, colorful graphics, some activities, and coloring pages that can be printed.

Registration requires a valid email address. Registration is completed by responding to an email generated by the sytem. It will not accept duplicate email addresses. Courses are meant to be sequential, access to each lesson requires a password that will be provided at the end of the previous lesson. First lesson does not require a password. The system will keep track of progress through each lesson. Quitting before the lesson is completed is not a problem. The system will return to the place where you quit. Click the link below to access the lessons. Once you are registered, you may bookmark the address so you will not have to access the lessons from here.

* Carol's Christian Kiddie College