Faith Promise Missions FAQs

We’re interested in educating folks concerning grace giving for missions which history has subtitled “ Faith Promise Giving.” The purpose of this web page is to provide answers to at least some questions about Faith Promise Giving and to acquaint you with the very exciting opportunity that you can have in Missions Outreach.

The local church should be involved in supporting a World Missionary Family. Doing so supports the Biblical mandate given by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Matthew 28 to go into all the World and preach the Gospel.

Missions shoul be a year-round emphasis at every local church.

Q: What is meant by the term “Faith Promise”?
A: Perhaps the best way to answer that question is to insert the term into this sentence: “By faith, I promise to give $_____ per week to Missions.” The promise to give is based upon the predetermined amount you believe that God would have you give to Missions by His grace. Faith Promise is simply claiming from the Lord an amount of money, over your tithes and other special offerings, which you will give each week in order to support Missions.

Q: How does Faith Promise relate to the tithe?
A: The word tithe means 10%. The Bible teaches tithing as the minimum of our financial commitment to the New Testament Church. The tithe is presented to the Lord as an act of obedience, but since the Christian is not limited to this minimum and since we have the opportunity of living by faith... why not trust God for more?

Q: Is Faith Promise Giving Based on the Bible?
A: Yes, the Faith Promise offering is exactly that - an offering of faith and not the tithe. It is illustrated best in the collection of the churches from Macedonia for the ministry in Jerusalem. Reference to this is found in II Corinthians 8 and 9. Many pictures of Faith Promise giving are illustrated throughout the Bible, such as the story of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22 and the story of Elisha and the widow in II Kings 4 . Faith promise giving is rooted in God’s grace (see II Corinthians 8-9).

Q: Why is this concept called “Faith Promise”?
A: This return to New Testament giving for Missions was popularized in Toronto under the ministry of Oswald Smith. Though characterized by God’s grace, he is credited with calling it “Faith Promise” giving. The concept would have been better understood as “Grace Giving” had Dr. Smith not already named it “Faith Promise.”

Q: Is Faith Promise a pledge to the church?
A: No, it is a promise to the Lord, not a pledge to the church. As a matter of fact, at VBBC, it is completely confidential. Those who share in the Faith Promise Ministry at our church only indicate to the church (typically at the close of the annual Missions Conference) the amount they are asking from the Lord. These amounts are then totaled in order to determine the Valley Bible Baptist Church Family’s Faith Promise Commitment for the year.

Q: Suppose I make a Faith Promise Commitment and then do not keep it. Will I be personally contacted and asked to give the amount of the commitment?
A: Faith Promise is simply a promise to the Lord, not the church. Since no names will be associated with the totals, no one will contact you to keep your promise. However, the Missions budget will use your Faith Promise commitment to determine new support for our Missions program.

Q: How long does my Faith Promise Commitment last?
A: Your commitment is for approximately one year. Our Missions Budget runs from spring to spring. After our Faith Promise Missions Conference each year, our Budget Committee & church family sets up the Mission Budget for that fiscal year. Each spring during our conference, we recommit ourselves to this annual cause for world outreach.

Q: How do I make my Faith Promise Missions Commitment?
A: These commitments are usually made by filling out a commitment card during our annual Faith Promise Missions Conference, although others are encouraged to join in giving throughout the year. In the event you become a giver at a later date during the year, request a Faith Promise Missions card, fill it out and drop the proper portion of this card in the offering plate during any service.

Q: After I have made my commitment, how do I give?
A: The commitment only starts the process and allows the church to set the budget. After you have made the commitment to give, you need only to place in an offering envelope a check or cash and indicate on the outside of the envelope, “For Faith Promise Missions.” Many folk will write one check for both their tithe and their Faith Promise. In this case, indicate on the memo line on the bottom of your check the amount to be used for Faith Promise, or use your offering envelope and designate how much goes toward Faith Promise and how much goes into General and Other funds. Without proper designation, our treasurer will not know how to deposit your gift.